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Tyelko's Hound

Beta: None
Rating: PG
Pairing: None
Disclaimer: Not in any way mine
Author’s Note: A Christmas present to Tuxie and Dawn. Very short and small I am afraid... Merry Christmas and thank you for the past year.
Summary: Celegorm and Huan meet...

He stared at the puppy with amezment before raising his eyes to Orome.

“You are giving him to me? He is really mine?”

The tall Vala nodded at the child with a smile. “Every hunter needs their hound, Tyelkormo.”

The boy looked from the vala to the grey shaggy puppy again. “Really mine?”

Orome fought the urge to roll his eyes as he nodded for the fifteenth time. “Yes, child. Really yours.”

Tyelko bounced up from the floor, wrapping himself around Orome's legs. “Thank you thank you thank you! I will take the bestest care of her!”

Orome laughed softly. “It is a him, Tyelko, same as you.”

The boy turned and looked at the puppy again. “Oh,” he said consideringly and with some disappointment.” I guess I cannot name him Danel after amil then.”