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The Sun and the Moon

Author: Tuxedo Elf
Disclaimer: I own not a thing and certainly no Elves!

I see you, the way you smile at me, the adoration and love that never leaves your eyes. It never fails to warm my heart, but I wonder, do you know that your feelings are returned? I fear sometimes that I am too aloof and that you have cause to doubt my heart.

Never doubt it, my love. You are so humble, not seeing your own greatness, only mine. But I see, I know what lies behind your outward calm.

A brilliant mind; whose strategies have saved us time and again. A compassionate heart; always thinking of your people. A beautiful soul; that has a connection to the Earth I can only dream of.

If you are indeed the moon to my sun, then it is your light that shines brightly in the dark and leads us through the night.

You are my strength, my light and I love you.