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Author: Red Lasbelin
Website: http://red.fluffydragon.co.uk/index.html
Rating: PG13
Summary: Galadriel passes the test. Drabble..
Disclaimer: Not Mine .
Notes: Drabble for Uli

Finally, Galadriel would have it. The power denied her by the mere fact of her sex; she would have the power of the Throne and more. The Ring whispered to her, promising much. She ached to reach out and touch its cold golden circle held within the palm of the Ringbearer. But suddenly light shone through the darkness in her mind, she grasped it, bringing it to her through sheer strength of will. All the negative energy, built up through her temptation, slowly disappeared. She gave up her dream in the face of the greater good. "I pass the test."