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Author: Eni
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Not my characters; Tolkien can have them back anytime he wants. No insult intended, no
profit made.

“You are going to put down those papers, stop working and take a break.” Glorfindel’s rather imposing figure stood in the doorway, golden hair highlighted by fragments of light filtering through the flimsy curtains that kept the glare off Erestor’s desk. “It’s a beautiful day, the weather is glorious, and you are hiding away inside as if you expect to shrivel up on contact with sunlight.”

Erestor wrinkled his nose at the Balrog-slayer and made a ‘humph’ sound before returning to his work. “I’m busy,” he muttered irritably.

Glorfindel sighed and crossed the room, seating himself right in the middle of Erestor’s papers with a soft ‘thud’.

“Glorfindel,” the advisor said in a warning tone.

“Erestor,” the seneschal said in a seductive tone. “Erestor, you’re coming outside.”

“No, I am not. I have work to do.”

“Erestor,” Glorfindel tried again mildly, picking up a vase from the windowsill, “if you do not come outside *now*, I will upend this vase on to those papers.” He waved the delicate porcelain object just above the surface of the desk to emphasise.

“Glorfindel!” Erestor pushed back his chair and rose to confront the impetuous Elda.

Glorfindel grinned impishly and, stepping quickly behind the dark-haired advisor, pinned Erestor’s arms to his sides and steered him to the door, ignoring the flustered protests.


Outside, a heavy calm hung over everything. The plants were not merely green; they were dazzling emerald. Flowers that seemed to glow like uncut gemstones decorated the surroundings. Glorfindel grinned as he saw Erestor’s dark eyes scanning this vision of life and contentment with more than a little wonder.

“Now do you see what you were missing?” he asked, as the brown eyes alighted on him.

Erestor made a soft huffing noise, but walked beside Glorfindel as the seneschal headed along one of the grassy paths that led between cool, shady trees. “Where are you going?” he enquired eventually, by this point only partially successful in his attempts to sound annoyed.

Glorfindel laughed. “Somewhere that I found recently and wanted to show you.”

He pushed aside some springy honeysuckle, showering them both with pink-yellow flowers and the scent of honey, to reveal a tiny archway. With a flourishing bow, he waved Erestor through ahead of him, before following along behind.


The natural perfection of this hidden corner of the gardens took Erestor’s breath away and drove all thoughts of paperwork and accounts swiftly from his mind.

An ancient tree had been trained so that one of its broad lower branches grew almost horizontal, spreading outwards just a couple of feet above the ground. The tree bore no blossoms, but its leaves were large and soft, and allowed light to fall in a gentle dappling on the two elves as they stood by the smooth bough. Glorfindel patted the limb, smiling adoringly at his lover. “Sit. Relax.”

Erestor had little choice in the matter; Glorfindel pulled the advisor on to his lap without giving him a change to argue. Strong, tanned fingers interlaced with slender, pale ones, and Erestor leaned back against Glorfindel’s chest, enjoying the way stray droplets of sun danced across his face.

The kiss on his throat was much like another sunbeam, except that then the tip of Glorfindel’s tongue lapped gently at the skin under his lips. Erestor’s fingers closed on a handful of golden hair as he pulled his lover’s mouth to meet his own. Glorfindel tasted…like fresh raspberries and newly picked apricots. Delicious. His tongue duelled playfully with his beloved’s for long, blissful moments.

Glorfindel smiled into the kiss as they separated, his lips brushing Erestor’s just before their parting. “Meleth,” he began, looking, for once, a little anxious.

“Yes?” Erestor asked, absently admiring Glorfindel’s eyes – they were always so alive, the wisdom of age counterbalanced by the joy of rebirth.

“I spoke to Elrond, and he says it is all right with him… I was hoping you would agree to…” Glorfindel broke off once more.

“Agree to what?” Erestor was almost laughing now, his earlier irritability forgotten.

The Elda took a deep breath. “Would you like to come with me to Lake Evendim for a few days? It used to be very pretty, and I would enjoy it so much more if you were with me. The irises that grow there are shades of violet you would think impossible, and there are tiny orchids that look like baby honey bees…” He paused, scrutinising Erestor’s face as if unsure of what he would see there. “No, I shouldn’t expect you to desert your work… I’m sorry, meleth.”

“Don’t be!” Erestor chided, allowing a huge, delighted smile to spread across his face. “It sounds…it sounds wonderful! All the papers in the world would not be enough to make me refuse such an invitation.”

Glorfindel embraced his lover enthusiastically, covering him with kisses and simply radiating happiness. Erestor tilted his head to one side. “Well, I suppose I could take some paperwork *with* me…”

Glorfindel stuck out his tongue, and then swatted him.