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Day Off

Beta: Enismirdal.
Rating: PG at most PG13
Pairing: Erestor and Glorfindel
Disclaimer: Unfortunately they are not mine.
Author’s Note: This piece of pure fluff was inspired by SayAye’s lovely picture called Day Off.
Summary: The elves of Imladris are enjoying the nice day.

Laughing, he swung the elfling high in the air, making the little boy squeal of delight. Elrond looked on amusedly while watching the second twin, who was chasing butterflies.

It was a nice day, the sun shone brightly over the gardens of Imladris, and so Elrond had decided to put all thought of work to rest and give his household a well deserved day off.

The tall advisor finally lowered the elfling and sent him away to his brother. “They are a delight, Elrond,” he said, smiling. “You are truly blessed.”

The Lord of Imladris laughed fondly. “They are little terrors unless you are around! They absolutely adore you.”

Erestor’s smile was melancholic. “I adore them as well,” he admitted. “The only regret I have about my life is that I will never have elflings of my own.”

His friend looked at his, his _expression suddenly serious. “Are you unhappy, Erestor?”

The advisor looked at him, his smile widening once again. “No, I am truly happy.” His eyes glittered mischievously. “Who would not be, had they such unearthly pleasures as I do?”

Elrond blushed fiercely. “Erestor!”

The rich sound of the councillor’s laughter rang in the calm gardens, making the elflings look up. “What is funny, ‘Stor?” one of them asked, as the other giggled and pointed at his father.

“Ada is all red!”

Blush deepening even further, Elrond glared at his friend, who was still laughing.

“I am laughing because it is a good day, because I love you all and because I am happy!” the advisor answered as he bent down and pressed kisses on the two small and very dirty foreheads. He looked over at his lord and friend. “Now, if you will excuse me I think I will go and look for that unearthly pleasure of mine, I am sure he must be hiding from me.” Gracefully, he stood up, picked up the book that had lain discarded in the grass and walked away under the shadows of the trees.


Erestor smiled as he sat down beside his sleeping lover and looked at him.

The golden hair was spread over the grass, and his eyes, as blue as the sky, were lost in sleep.

Erestor’s heart ached at the sight of him; he was so beautiful, so perfect and, for the moment, all his. He had never been able to figure out what the blond saw in him, but he was not one to question fate. Carefully, he stretched out beside the sleeping elf and leaned over; softly tasting lips as he quietly wondered how long this bliss would last. He would treasure it as long as it did, he decided, he would ask no questions of his lover nor put any pressure on him.

The blue eyes slowly filled with awareness as Glorfindel moaned quietly and answered the kiss. “What a wonderful way to wake.” The blonde’s voice was low, husky, as he dragged the advisor down for another kiss, a sweet kiss.

Erestor saw seriousness in the blue eyes and felt his heart grown cold. Was this the time? Was this when the only one he had ever loved would break his heart? Hastily, he sat up, picking up the book beside him.

Glorfindel looked at him. “You have to work on a day as this?”

“Nay.” The advisor’s voice was low, sad. “It is reading for pleasure only.”

Glorfindel moved until he had his head in the advisor’s lap, golden tresses spreading over the black robes. “What are you reading then, that would make you so sad?”

Erestor looked down at him and gave him a faint smile. “The Lay of Leithian,” he said. “It always amazes me how they never quite managed to capture the depths of their love. It shone about them, as a light throughout the darkness.” His dark eyes were lost in memories of his youth in Doriath.

Glorfindel looked at him quietly, the dark hair falling like a curtain in front of the pale face. He couldn’t quite shrug of the feeling that there was something else that bothered his lover. Maybe he was just overreacting, being too nervous for the response his words would get. “Erestor,” he started hesitantly. “Will you please put your book aside for a moment; I would like to talk to you.”

He felt the slender body tense and noticed a flicker of pain in the deep eyes. Obligingly, Erestor closed the book and put it aside, his face calm and neutral.


“Erestor, I…” Glorfindel did not know how to go on. “I… Since I found you, things have been… However…”

With a sinking heart Erestor looked at him, hoping he would be able to keep his dignity and not break down in front of the other when the words were finally spoken. “Please, Glorfindel. Just tell me what you need to say.”

The Seneschal took a deep breath. “ErestorIloveyouverymuchandIwouldlikethistobeofficialsowillyoupleasebondwithme?”

Erestor stared at him. “What?” His eyes widened as his mind worked out what had been said. “Bonding?” his whisper was hoarse, disbelieving.

Glorfindel closed his eyes. “I am sorry,” he whispered, his voice small, sad. “I should not have asked. I should have known that you would not want this as muc…”

It was a kiss that silenced him. A strong, passionate, kiss.

”Yes,” Erestor said once he broke the kiss. “Yes, I would very much like to bond with you. I love you, Glorfindel.”

Glorfindel caught him for another kiss, deep, sweet and loving before smiling at him and laid down in his lap again, looking up at the elf he loved above all others. “Will you please read to me?” he whispered. “I love hearing your voice”

Smilingly, Erestor picked up the book once more and began reading.