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After Midwinter Hope

Beta: None
Rating: PG
Pairing: Elrond/Glorfindel
Disclaimer: No characters in this belong to me.
Authorís Note: A Christmas present to Kei and Ilye. Very short and small I am afraid...but I did write them ;) Merry Christmas and thank you for the past year.
Summary: Elrond watches Glorfindel play with his son. Very Short Sequel to Midwinter Hope.

Elrond sat in the window watching Glorfindel play with Erestor outside. The boy was still small for his age but he had the sweetest smile ever seen and he was loving to a fault.

It had been a slow courtship between himself and Glorfindel since the midwinter eve that Glorfindel had been found in the forest with the newborn Erestor. The instant dislike blossomed into respect and friendship and from there to love.

They both knew their time was borrowed but they made the best with what they had. Elrond stood and pulled his thick cloak on to go out and join his lover and half adopted son. This was their last winter as a family, come spring he would do what was right and marry Celebrian, it had been decided a long time ago and all three of them were comfortable with what had to be done and where love was.

Life after all was always a balance of duty and joy. With a wide smile he opened the door and stepped outside to where his heart lived.