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Mourning Luthien

I saw you run through the forest
And my soul was consumed with love
I approached you fair maiden, I offered you all,
If only you would give me
your hand

I took you home, fairest maiden, my love
And kept you safe from all harm
And then, fair Luthien, you turned against me
Your heart was so cruel
and cold

Ripped from my chest my heart is bleeding
My soul is crushed ‘neath your feet
Why, fair maiden, sweet Luthien, my true love
Did you run from my arms
To him?

What made you run to the arms of a mortal,
When a firstborn offered his soul?
Why did you allow your beauty to wane
Seeking solace in the arms
of a man?

I could have given you
All that I am, my fortunes, my path and my life
Instead, my beloved I am reached by the news
That you died for you love,
Of him.

I will stay alone, will stay true to our love,
the love that you cast away.
I never will take another to wed
Than my Luthien,
fairest of all.