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Maedhros' Lament

Here in the dark
all lights have faded;
the soft silver glow
and the bright golden light

Now there is darkness
a trust that was broken
fading of memories
of why we are here

Harsh words are spoken
fell deeds are waking
the waning of all
that we were has begun

We hear how the oaths
that we took are resounding
words that should never
have been given a voice

Blood on the white shores
the white ships on fire
betrayal of those
that followed us here

Now on a new shore
we stand here in silence
the smoke is thickening
as we look back

There in the coldness
we left those that followed
our cousins, our kin
to their deaths on the ice

Here in the dark
the fire is fading
my soul is breaking
Father, what have we done?