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I Married For Love

I married for love
I was young with a song in my heart
A hope in my soul
Not caring that we changed to world
The laws of our kind

I married for love,
Took another womanís child as mine
Laid in the arms of him
Who had already known anotherís touch
Who loved and had lost

I married for love
Deep and true and encompassing
I bore him children
Daughters and sons whom I cherished and loved
Sisters and brothers to her son

I married for love
And spent my years praying one day
He would love me
As highly as her, and as high
As he loved her son

I married for love
Which in time turned both cold and bitter
An uneven balance
Between her son and my sons and daughters
Which mine never won

I married for love
And I cried in silence and hurt and shame
When her son lifted
His sword against a brother and the father
Left with the one who wronged.

I married for love
But he did not love me the way he loved her
And the son she bore him
Why did he marry without love in his soul
Why did he sire children?

I married for love
And told quiet lies to my sons and daughters
Whispering in the night
That their father loved them but they never
Believed my lies

I married for love
Now the light has failed and my sons are leaving
Did I do the right thing?
Should the world had remained unchanged
And me unmarried?

I married for love
I lost my husband a son and a daughter
Following her son
I spend my days in mourning of the children who left
The gifts he gave me

I married for love
He is at peace now with her whom he loved
I live a widow
In the undying lands and I know I will never regret
That I married
For love.