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The light of the trees
Gold and silver
Reflected in the waters
Of the clear pools

The darkness of nothing
Fear and loathing
Light faded and gone
Deserting our home

Blood on sand and waters
Ships burning
And screaming children
We are lost

The cold of the ice
Burnt brighter
Than the flame
Surrounding me as I fall

The fall of the fallen
The memory of our home
Burning behind us
Broken by treachery

The silver fountains
Black of smoke
He rests in their depths
Fair Ecthelion of the hidden valley

The tower of the king
Lies broken
Beneath the body
Of the serpent

Lost and fleeing
Hurting bleeding
A broken people
All memories scattered

Shadow and flame
Appeared, barring freedom
So I did what I must
And I took the fall

The fall of the fallen
The memory of our home
Burning behind us
The city of kinslayers

A shimmer of freedom
A glimpse of hope
Before the shadow grabs me
The flame burns me

The fall is long
But not longer than the first
The impact of the stones
Will crush my body

My soul was crushed
On the shores of blood
On the ice of dying
Redemption at last

They are lost to me
As I am lost
They are crying for me
As I cry for them

The fall of the fallen
The memories fading
Pain and darkness
And blessed peace.