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A High-King On His Death

I welcomed the silence, the calm, the peace
After the chaos of life had fled.
The darkness around me soothed my soul
Welcoming, loving and warm.

Too many wars and broken souls
Had passed me by in life
My father fell when I was but a child
Dying for his people in vain.

I always knew the world to be violent
Full of evil and coldness and pain
Defeat a foe and stand victorious
Until the next one grows from his roots

I never hoped for peace and eternity
Never believed I would live to sail
I never married or sired children
Refusing to leave loved ones to die

And so the darkness I knew was coming
Appeared and was worse than I feared
I searched for the allies I needed
And led them deep into grief and despair

I had no hope we would stand victorious
I had no hope we would find our peace
And I died non believing in silence
For that was all I could do.

I found once the darkness settled
Once I finally found my peace
That as my father I died for nothing
It did not surprise me, I knew I did.