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Ford Of Bruinen's Gifts

This page is for wonderful presents that I have been given from lovely people during my time in the fandom.

Erestor/Glorfindel. Written for my birthday 2004 by Enismirdal

Shades of Memory
Maedhros/Fingon. Written for my birthday 2005 by Enismirdal

The Hardest Choice
The saving of Maedhros. Written for my birthday 2005 by Tuxedo Elf

Silver and Gold
Celeborn ficlet/drabble by Tuxedo Elf

The Sun and the Moon
Galadriel ficlet/drabble by Tuxedo Elf

Tainted Snow
A suprise angst Ficlet written by Tuxedo Elf

Death of Celegorm. Christmas present fic by Dawn Felagund

Idril/Tuor. Written Keiliss

Galadriel is tempted. Written by Red Lasbelin
I have also ended up with a few pretty pictures.

This truly gorgeous picture was drawn by Nellas of Doriath, after I won a little HoME popquiz she had on her Livejournal, she was kind enough to post it on my birthday which was a very nice suprise!

This lovely Celeborn and Galadriel picture was made by Gwyll during her interest meme on Livejournal.

This one was given to me by Punisher, Uli was, in addition to being me also a tiny female elf that I played on Elf on a Shelf and later in a few other Roleplays as well.

More lovely roleplay characters, this time made by Sildil.

First we have another version of Uli

Followed by injured Uli snuggled up to Caranthir

And last, but definitely not least Fingon the warrior.