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Lord of the Rings and Silmarillion Fanfiction - Current/ Ongoing Projects

Started Wips, please view Works in Progress for links to the following stories:

Across the Ice;
This series follows the host of Fingolfin and Fingon in particular from Feanor’s desertion until the rising of the sun.

The Longest Night
Midwinter is approaching in Imladris and an innocent Glorfindel meets the mysterious Erestor.

Silent Sanctuary
An elf wakes on the battlefield with no memories and eventually comes to adopt the orphaned and deserted twins of Doriath.

Crumbling Walls
The story follows Glorfindel and Ecthelion’s relationship from the move from Nevrast until the fall of Gondolin in a series of four short stories. The crumbling relationship between Glorfindel and Ecthelion is used to illustrate the growing divisions in the hidden city until its fall.

Hisilome Alantie story arc
Please make certain to read the extended note before reading this story.

Brand New Stories:

To Kiss A Frog;
Another Fairytale featuring canon Elves. This story is still getting drawn up and might be removed from the list due to becoming an original story instead.

Once The Greatest Bard;
A short story concerning Maglor’s fate written on a dare from Tux. (bad Tux). Plotted but not started.

A darkfic set before Orome finds the Elves on the shores of Cuivienen. Plotted but not started

My Christmas story for the coming year. Plotted but not started.

To Love A Nightingale;
Celegorm tells of his meeting and love for Luthien. Started.

The Awakening. The Hallowed Lands. The Fall To Darkness;
This is an absolutely huge story arch that Ilye suggested/dared me to take on about two years ago. It will cover Finwe’s and Elwe’s houses from the moment the Elves wakes by Cuivienen until the end of the War of Wrath. I have done the research I need to the first multi part story in the arch. Started

Unnamed Story for Marja;
- A very AU story that is still nameless but that I hope I will some day manage to actually finish. It takes place in Valinor before the death of the trees and will have a Maedhros/ Fingon pairing. Started.

; Seven elves spend a night of debauchery. Also known as the slutty!rumil story. Very explicit slash that will be finished as soon as my smut muses returns. Started.

Birth Of A Star;
Idril and Tuor welcomes their son into the world. Plotted.

The Tailor‘s Knot;
This is a Maglor/OMC bdsm story based on the Hisilome Alantie universe. Started.

Ways of Wrath;
A multipart story set in the time of the War of Wrath. Started.

After Alqualonde;
A series of short stories set immediately after the battle of Alqualonde. Started

Dear Diary;
An attempt at humour written in Diary form. Started

Sleeping Beauty
Another fairytale version of Silmarillion events. Plotted but not started.